Current Carushka Family

The Carushka's legacy lives on in the North Hollywood Arts District, blocks away from where Carushka was born and raised. Her niece who has worked with Carushka since the age 16. Is now honored to continue the cutting edge fashion of the 80's. All the patterns and designs are originals, that Carushka created herself. The company still maintains the values and vision that the Carushka name was built on.

Who is Carushka?

Los Angeles based designer Carushka Jarecka was the president and founder of Carushka Bodywear Inc. She first launched her career in 1979 as creator of the "Bodywear" concept and the first striped cotton lycra leotards and tights. From basic to the fierce, Carushka spoke the language of seduction and allure.Carushka knew that to be successful in the competitive world of fashion she would need to create a niche that reflected how women feel about themselves. In just 3 years she had built a flourishing business with world wide recognition meeting the fashion needs of the growing fitness industry.

After earning her degree from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in 1973 as well as a couture diploma from the Trippon School of Design, Caruska began her career with Tori Richards Ltd. of Hawaii. At the age of 23, she became head designer managing 6 divisions. Upon returning to her native Los Angeles, Carushka discovered a unique new stretch cotton/lycra fabric and designed the first striped boat necked leotard for Capezio Dancewear. The success from Capezio led to her own design in Macy's. From that moment on Carushka's sexiest sports bras, dance wear, wonder halter, peek-a-boo webbed leggings, yoga clothing and casual fitness apparel have been an irresistible wardrobe of workout wear desired by women in 40 countries. 

Celebrities like Demi Moore, Carmen Electra, Gabrielle Reece, Heather Locklear, Brook Burke, and Kate Moss have all worn her clothing. 

Carushka also teamed up with John Travolta, creating a clothing company for men called Travolta by Carushka. Travolta simply wanted clothes that would 'fit his crotch and legs' and be versatile enough to go from the gym to the street. The clothing was designed for the toned-up muscles of 'young-thinking males.' 

Carushka designed for the woman who's proud of the work she's done on her body--and isn't afraid to show it: the empowered woman. She walked on the cutting edge using only the most unique, novelty fabrics in the world which always lead her customers to "Expect the Unexpected."

Her awards and credits include: 

-America's Top Designer 1982 

-Glamour Magazine for Outstanding Young Working Woman 1987

-Created Travolta by Carushka for actor, John Travolta

-Stanley Seigel Show Success Story, Critic of Otis Parsons School of Design

-A 30 minute PBS special on Carushka and marketing 

-A case study in Contemporary Marketing, by Boone and Kurtz, a textbook for marketing students.